Are you still hesitant to choose an AC or DC water pump for your system? If you want to ask my opinion, absolutely I will vote for DC water pump. DC water pumps have become more and more popular over these years due to its unique advantages. Maybe in some cases, AC pumps are a smart choice if you are only in temporary use. But for most of the time, AC pumps have many fatal flaws. I will tell you when you should choose a DC water pump from the following four aspects.

1. Safety

Obviously, if your application has safety requirements, the DC water pump has the irreplaceable advantage. Such as indoor fountains, desktop crafts, even the aquarium tank and many types of devices. We will never hope to be hurt by electric shock.

2. Durability & Reliability for Continuous Running

Some types of equipment are very important to us, such as the hard disk, CPU of a computer, the automotive engine, the battery for the electric car, and so on. They are the key components of a system. We want them to have absolute reliability and durability. AC water pump cannot do this work, so you should choose a high-quality DC water pump, such as BLDC pump.

3. Quiet

If you are going to use the water pump to medical equipment or other environment need to be quiet, noise is a very important factor you need to consider. DC water pump (especial the BLDC pump) also has great advantages in this area.

4. High-efficiency & energy saving

At last, you may say:

The DC water pump is much more expensive than AC water pump.

Yes, this is a fact. But have you ever focused on your system’s energy usage? DC water pump usually is much more efficient than AC water pump. If you are going to use the pump in a long-term continuous working, it is very easy to save the cost of one or two pumps in one year.

In summary, if you often need to use a water pump, you will have many reasons to choose a DC water pump instead of an AC water pump.

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