What is the application of BLDC PUMP?

The most asked question at BLDC PUMP is what is the application of our pump? BLDC PUMP is one type of small electric DC water pump driven by magnetic. Its main features are high-efficiency, High durability performance and reliability, smaller size and compact structure, more quiet, and so on. Due to the unique features, it can be used in many fields including:

  1. General industrial equipment like engraving machine, shredder, printer, beauty equipment, and so on.
  2. Home and garden application, like bath machine, water saving machine, foot bath machine, indoor/outdoor fountain, music fountain, desktop crafts, green wall and flower irrigation, swimming pool water cycle, and etc.
  3. Automotive, contains engine cooling, battery cooling, antifreeze circulation.
  4. Analytical Laboratory & Institute
  5. New agricultural irrigation system, mainly refers to solar power irrigation.
  6. A large number of different types of medical equipment.
  7. Aquaculture and livestock husbandry
  8. Environmental & Water Treatment

In fact, it is difficult to summarize all of its areas of application. But I can tell you which kind of applications it is not suitable. BLDC Pumps are not suitable for the following two situations:

  1. Dirty water treatment, because hard particles entering the pump body will damage the pump.
  2. The situation needs suction height. The pump should be installed under the water level, it can’t pump air.

If you want to know whether BLDC Pump is suitable for your project, you need to focus on its performance and product features. Or you can consult us directly.

BLDC PUMP Applications

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