Iwaki pumps can be replaced by BLDC PUMP products

We have a Mexican customer and he hopes to find a replacement for the IWAKI RD-05HTV24-15 water pump, which will save his money while still ensuring the performance of the pump.

He had tried a lot of pumps before trying to communicate with us, but none of them could meet the requirements.
After BLDC PUMP received the Iwaki sample which he sent us for nine days, BLDC PUMP produced a replacement product. The dimension of the inlet and outlet is the same as the Awaki. The connector is the same as the Awaki. After four months of trial, the effect is very satisfactory.

At present, we are communicating about the opening mold of the pump. In this case, the customer can not only get a set of exclusive molds but also get the most suitable pump for customers in some details such as installation and LOGO.

PS mold costs will be fully returned to the customer after the purchase of a certain number of pumps, and the mold belongs to the customer forever.


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