Constant Power Consumption Solar Water Pump

When we used small DC water pumps as solar-powered water pumps, we usually encounter two problems: pump failing prematurely or cannot operate at its standard performance.

The main reason is the solar panel can’t provide a stable output voltage and watts.

When we lower the input voltage within a small range (more than 20 volts), the current increases automatically. And when we increase the input voltage, the current decreases automatically. (when the input voltage more than about 30v, over-voltage protection will be triggered, the pump will stop working.) The pump’s power consumption is always maintained at about 96~100 watts. This feature means that the pump has no risk to be burned due to the overvoltage input. It will be very useful for the further development of solar water pumps.

Constant Power Consumption Solar Water Pump Models:

Rated Voltage12V / 24V12V / 24V12V / 24V
Max Head10 M / 12 M10 M / 12 M 6.5 M / 8 M
Max Flow3000 L/H / 3300 L/H3000 L/H / 3300 L/H5300 L/H / 6300 L/H
Inlet1/2″ thread20mm38mm
Outlet1/2″ thread20mm38mm
ImageConstant Power Consumption Solar Water Pump BL-A01Constant Power Consumption Solar Water Pump BL-A02Constant Power Consumption Solar Water Pump BL-B02

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  • Thanks for this informative article and solving the problem that most of the people face with the water pump. Also the table you have provided is very useful in selecting the appropriate one. Share such posts and keep readers updated.

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