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We produce and sell brushless DC water pumps. We focus on R&D for 10+ years and have our factory. It is a type of small electric water pump. It can run in a 24 hours continuous environment and has a long lifespan. For more details, pls click the chat box in the bottom right of the page to chat with us.

Long lifespan of more than 30000 hours for continuous running. It can work in a low voltage (6~48 volt) but very powerful. It has a compact size and low noise. Chat with us to get more information.

We suggest you explain your exact requirements to our salespeople at first. Ensure the pump you choose can meet your needs. We usually do not provide a free sample but the sample cost will be returned when you place formal order. If you do need a free sample for testing, please contact our salespeople to apply from the company.

You can use our pump selector to choose the pump according to your voltage, head, and flow rate needs. Please chat with us if you have other complex requirements.

We provide any kind of Custom Service. It’s easy for us because we have a complete R&D team, workshop, and mold factory. Many custom services do not require additional fees; it depends on whether our costs have increased substantially.

You can send money to our company’s HSBC bank account. We also accept PayPal for small orders.

For the sample order of the standard model, we usually have it in stock. And we can send the goods out within 2~3 days after your payment. For general order, the lead time is 5~10 working days after your payment. We usually use DHL to ship, but we can also adjust it according to your requirements.

We can provide the 2D or 3D drawing of pumps, but we need you to make detailed instructions for our review. We DO NOT provide the circuit control design drawings for any reason. But we can design a particular circuit to suit your system requirements.

It isn’t a self-priming water pump and can’t suck water. Dry running is forbidden. Overvoltage running easily leads to water pump burn-out. Make sure the Medium is clean. Impurities will damage the impeller and permanent magnet rotor. It can remain a long lifespan only under a correct operation.

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