Basic Structure of Our DC Water Pump

This unique structure brings two benefits:

1. The rotor fan is driven by magnetic force and does not require a commutator. It improves the efficiency of the water pump, avoids mechanical wear, and has no sparks.

2. As the core component, the stator coil and circuit board are entirely isolated from the liquid by the isolation layer, completely preventing leakage.

Continuously Innovative Technology

Continuous innovation is the cornerstone of our development. We invest a lot in the R&D of new technologies every year.

Instead of the traditional simple control, we can add various functions to the circuit board flexibly to achieve performance improvement, noise-reducing, and unique system matching.

We have been continuously updating our technology and have many special techniques such as 3-phase DC motor control, sine wave signal control (FOC).

circuit board
Improvement Materials & Workmanship

Improvement Materials & Workmanship

Except for the circuit control tech breakthrough, we need many other techniques to support every upgrade.

We have used and been developing super-strong magnetic rotors to improve the performance of pumps continuously.

We keep updating heat dissipation materials and improving heat dissipation methods to solve the heat problem after performance improvement.

We cannot disclose every technology upgrade but will continue to invest in research and development to enhance our competitiveness.

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